Marble is a beautiful natural stone, its colour shades, veining and pattern can vary dramatically from piece to piece.
Most common depth 20mm   I   Most common finish Polished    I   Application Interior: Wall & Floor tiles, vanity tops, skirting, stair cases
Porcelain White
Crystal WhiteWhite
Natural Grey
Arabescato Al Tissmio
White Carrara
White Mist
Rosa Aurora
Avorio Di Segesta
Gascogne Beige
Filetto marble
Mirabella Light
Crema White
Syrian Stone
Crema Verona
Crema Marfil Common
Botticino Royal
Canarian Cream
Crema Valencia
Perlato Sicilia
Golden Beach
Golden Beach
Golden Beige
Crema Marfil Standard
Crema Marfil Kivas First
Antique Gold
Sunny Dark
Moon Cream
Lotus Coffee
FG Yellow
Indus Gold
Giallo Reale
Grigio Billiemi
Ochre Grey
Oak Coffee
Oak Brown
Oak Black
Tornado Black
Black & Silver
Palissandro Nuvolato
Omani Bushra
Honey Onyx
Blue De Savio
Palissandro Classic
Palissandro Bronz
Bardiglio Bluette
Light Emperador
Rosa Francia
Red Alicante
Rosa Caravaca
Dark Emperador
Black & Gold
Saint Laurent
Chinese Black Marquina
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Granite is the strongest and most resilient of all natural stones. As such it is commonly preferred for areas
which receive heavy usage and are exposed to varying weather conditions.
Most common depth 20mm   I   Most common finish Polished & Honed    I   Application Interior: Interior: Wall & Floor tiles, vanity tops, skirting, staircases.
Exterior: Paving and exterior tiles.
White Pearl
China Grey
Grigio Sardo
Blue Fantastic
Golden Yellow
Giallo S. Cecilia
Crystal Yellow
New Venetian Gold
Verdi Dark
Giallo California
Rosa Porino
Giallo Antico
Aswan Red
Jhansi Red
Jacaranda Fantasy
Multi colour
Brown Jatoba
Red Colinas
Wild Sea
Candeias Green
Royal Blue
Hassan Green
Blue Pearl
Baltic Brown
Carmen Red
Butterfly Gree
Peacock Green
Dark Green Tiles
Black Granite
Nero Assoluto Mapier
Black Galaxy
Belgium Black
Jet Black
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Travertino is an extremely popular material for use in interior and exterior residential areas. Its colour and pattern can vary
dramatically and it is prone to having cavities in the material which can be either filled or left unfilled.
Most common depth 20mm   I   Most common finish Polished, Honed & Tumbled    I   Application Interior: Interior: Wall & Floor tiles, vanity tops, skirting, staircases.
Exterior: Garden patio areas and swimming pool surrounds.
Travertino Cream
Travertino Beige
Travertino Classico
Travertino Noce
Travertino Red
Travertino Silver
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Our range of sandstone and slate offer a unique design feature for both interior and exterior use.
Some variation will occur with these materials.​
Most common depth 10mm - 20mm   I   Most common finish Polished, Honed and Riven.    I    Application Interior: Exterior and interior floor and wall tiles.
Stone Beige
Kota Green Stone
Teak Wood
Multi Copper Sand
Chocolate Sand Stone
Chandria Sand Stone
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1/8” Chamfer
1/4” Chamfer
3/8” Chamfer
Long Chamfer
Chamfered Miter
Semi Bullnose
Full Bullnose
3/8” Radius
1/4” Radius
Flat to Bullnose
Double Chamfer
1/8” Pancil Round
Radius to Flat
Double Bullnose
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A smooth, reflective finish.The polished stone finish brings out the rich colors of the stone and enhances natural pattern and veining.



A smooth but non-reflective finish that brings out the natural colors and variations of the stone. Lighter in color than polished.



A rough beaten stone finish with fractured texture. Bush Hammered surface requires a thicker stone face on the StonePly.



The edges of the stone are either hand or machine chipped, splintered or slightly fractured.

MOSAIC (polish, tumble)


Small stone pieces set as a mosaic on honeycomb panel.



This finish applies to marble tiles that are literally tumbled to create a weathered or distressed look. There is some texture as well as softening of edges on the finished tiles.



This stone finish is similar to Bush Hammered, but with a washed look to the recesses. Like Bush Hammered, this texture requires a thicker stone face on the StonePly.



This finish applies to marble tiles that are literally tumbled to create a weathered or distressed look. There is some texture as well as softening of edges on the finished tiles.



Lighter in color than polished stone, a sandblasted stone has a light sanded texture.



This stone finish features a cleft stone face with smooth edges.



Created using an extremely hot flame. The heat stresses the material causing crystaals to pop out. A very rough texture best used for exterior purposes only. Excellent for exterior walkways. Flaming can only be done on granites.



This finish adds texture to the surface. Additionally, it closes the pores (compared to honing) and retains the color better than honing. While a leathered finish has a sheen to it, it is nowhere near as reflective as a polished surface.



A style of finishes rather than a particular finish. Leathered, river washed and tumbled finishes are all examples of an antiqued finish. A factory finish similar to a leathered finish is sometimes called an antiqued finish.



This term is sometimes used to refer to either a leather finish or a river washed finish. Unfortunately, this leads to ambiguity as there are distinct differences between leathered and river washed finishes.


We can create round and square medallions, floral patterns, border patterns and any other custom flooring pattern you may require. We can produce this from information given by your designer or provide you with a design based on your specifications and requirements. These are produced using modern CNC water jet machine techniques which offer the most precise and high quality cutting for this type of works. Marble pattern designs can provide a stunning and elegant focal point for any room within a residential property and are an excellent way to incorporate company branding into commercial projects.

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