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Preventative Staff Health Check Up Arranged by ELAMES Health & Safety Committee - May 16, 2022

In collaboration with Al Hilal H


ospital, ELA

MES conducted a comprehensive medical checkup on 12th May 2022, an invitation that extended to all staff members. With 95 Staff members participating in the medical checkup, staff included from all departments’ such as Showroom, Sales, accounting, admin, design, marble factory, Kitchen factory and warehouse.

The checkup included testing Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Creatinine (Kidney Screening), BMI (Body Mass Index), Total Cholesterol, SGPT (Liver Screening).

Furthermore, a follow up Dr. Consultation visit has been arranged for those who would like to further discuss the results of the checkup, to ensure that they are well informed of any medical or treatment required post the checkup.

During an analysis conducted by the health and safety committee, in coordination with the Human Resources and Administration department, they have come to realize the increasing numbers of health issues arising during the summer period, and considering that a high number of staff members have recently completed fasting the holy month of Ramadan, therefore, the health and safety committee decided it was essential to conduct the medical checkup to ensure that the health of ELAMES staff is well cared for and that preventive actions can be quickly taken to avoid any arising health problems.

Mr. Dawood Salman, Administration Manager & Chairman of Health and Safety Committee at ELAMES, has provided his insight to ELAMES management objectives to conduct the recent staff medical checkup, Mr. Dawood emphasized that such initiatives have been directed by Mr. Steve Sutton, General Manager, where staff well-being is considered to be the sole focus of the health and safety committee. Mr. Dawood also emphasized that such initiatives are encouraged by the management and will continue to conduct and arrange various events that caters to staff mental and physical well-being.

Mr. Dawood also continued by discussing the collaboration with Al Hilal Hospital, and the support provided by the hospital, the excellent service and support provided for this initiative.

Moreover, during the checkup, it was encouraging to see staff appreciation of the initiative and the fluid organization and setup done by the Health and Safety Committee.

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