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Greece’s DNA, the “Volakas” Marble - April 12, 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022

The new arrival of the authentic Greek Marble “Volakas” gives us a reason to explore what makes this standout marble the popular choice for high end private villas, resorts and much more…

Ideal for adding a soft elegance to any space or expressing a complicated and expressive design, the Volakas provides two dimensions to explore with an end result that is guaranteed to add the luxury touch required to your space.

The Volakas marble from different quarries tend to have different patterns and colors. The predominant color, however, is white background with grey veins or of beige or brown. The veins can also be of Ochre, or wine, or violet.

At Elames, we ensure the purist of stones are sourced, the best patterns, colors and veins with consistency that are unmatched in the market. Greek marble is considered to be of world class quality with unquestionable historical value and our rigid sourcing process ensure that only the

best quality is sourced.

The Volakas is filled with diversified and versatile texture, that when combined with the right surroundings (Lighting, Furniture and Accessories), it will provide an unprecedented charm to your space.

We have supplied the Volakas Marble to various projects in Bahrain, and every time a project is completed, we are amazed by the results, the difference in space, lighting, furniture and accessories, always provide a different design outcome that is expressive and elegant.

Visit our showroom and take advantage of our Ramadan Offer and save up to 40% on the Volakas Marble, or explore our high quality natural stones collection available.

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