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Students Development Initiative - March 27, 2022


In recognition of the importance of fostering the next generation of talent and student development in the Kingdom of Bahrain, ELAMES developed an award program “ELAMES Interior Design Award” that will be held for the Royal Women University “RWU” Undergraduates students within the interior design program.

The objective of the award is to nurture and provide the Bahraini youth with a platform to thrive and compete, resulting in an enhanced learning environment.

Moreover, the program will include Key note speakers from ELAMES, with a vast professional experience discussing latest market trends while reflecting hands on experience and industry case studies. Key note speakers approval have been obtained by the Higher Educational Council in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Understanding that the essential ingredient of success is the practical knowledge and experience, ELAMES will provide RWU students with tours covering the marble and cabinet fabrication facilities at ELAMES, and provide all necessary support for the final project for the university students.

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